We have notable experience helping a variety of clients penetrate into the international market. A step which will help pave the way for global recognition of their brand.

How did Bonsaii shredders become top best sellers on, ranking among the well-known U.S. brands, within just a month after its entry into the U.S. market? How did the brand awareness build up so quickly in the target market, without much marketing expenses? Well-informed marketing strategies, carefully designed moves and close monitoring of the digital marketing progress all contribute to the initial success of this emerging new brand, Bonsaii, owned by a traditional OEM manufacturer specialized in making high quality shredders and other office equipment.

We came with a whole e-Commerce solution to a US local maker group and help turn their love of open-source hardware into real business named SainSmart.

After comprehensive market research, we design and execute effective online market strategies to expand global market share of SainSonic. We design various attractive templates and develop an e-Commerce platform that seamlessly integrates with ERP and CRM systems.

We manage every step of the online marketing cycle for Baofeng since 2012 and now it’s the preferred two way radio brand in Amazon and eBay marketplace. The search result has been boosting in Google, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Alibaba and Newegg etc. Forums about Baofeng radios are flourishing. As the popularity of Baofeng radio increases, new product models gain much more attention than ever before.