Sainstore China Branch’s Debut on Forbes Summit

July 31, 2014, Sainstore China made its debut on the first Forbes China Innovation Summit held in the Songshan Lake National High-Tech Development Zone in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan. This summit brought together innovation leaders in the Internet and manufacturing industries, including Zhou Hongyi,  the CEO of NASDAQ-listed Qihoo 360, and Hugo Shong, a founding general partner at IDG Capital Partners in Beijing, to discuss how to reshape the future of these industries in the Internet Age.

In the roundtable discussion in the afternoon, entrepreneurs on the Forbes China’s “30 Under 30” (30 top entrepreneurs under the age of 30) list and representatives from the High-Tech Development Zone shared their views on the impact of the maker culture in China. Among them, the General Manager of Sainstore China Branch shared his thoughts about how traditional industries in Dongguan could benefit from the maker movement: entrepreneurs could get fresh ideas from the makers and expand their horizons; maker products inspire the development of new products and even new product lines; makers introduce a proved product development strategy for companies looking to develop a revolutionary product: just start with a minimum viable product and develop with fast iterations.

Forbes Summit


Reference link: Forbes