Hadoop + EMR: Online Retail’s Big Data catalyst

Everyone is talking about the era of Big Data, and the online retail sector has the most direct demand for such functions like analyzing and predicting consumer behavior, in a way to gain an edge over other competitors.

It’s only several years ago that the data analytics field was monopolized by major corporations, however small companies especially those in e-commerce industry are beginning to implement big data solutions in the past 1-2 years. With a huge volumes of customer data at their fingertips, online retailers stand to benefit from predictive analytics applications.

SainStore realizes from both self and clients’ experiences that there are several ways in which data analytics can facilitate the marketing efforts of an e-commerce merchant. One of the most pressing issues facing online retailers is the need of increasing conversion rates. Website owner will utilize any opportunity to engage potential visitors and convert them into paid customers. Data analytics can be employed to identify consumers who would be more likely to make a purchase if offered certain promotions or extra value-added services.

By launching Hadoop big data initiatives especially leveraging the Amazon Elastic MapReduce(EMR) techniques, SainStore could help our clients to manage your marketing campaigns more efficiently and avoid wasting resources pursuing visitors who are unlikely to ever make a purchase.

No wonder, McKinsey’s prediction that retailers could boost operating margins by 60% by effectively harnessing Big Data, is becoming more and more convincing.