Apply to Adam Wang, 6140 North Hollywood Blvd. Ste 110, Las Vegas, NV 89115.

Global Supply Chain Cost Analyst

Posted on 14 March,2019

Sainstore Inc. is a diversified services company that offers interactive services mainly to manufacturers to transform their products into internationally-recognized brands. Our services include web design, brand marketing, IT development, e-commerce solutions, product development, supply chain management, and distribution. Our company seeks to hire the professional services of Global Supply Chain Cost Analyst to provide assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation, and budget preparation. The analyst will report to Junior Logistics Manager.


  • Research and analyze supply chain costs from manufacturing to logistics for clients
  • Assess cost effectiveness of products or services by tracking variance in actual and estimated costs
  • Create financial models to monitor logistics providers costs
  • Optimize service levels, maintain supply chain efficiency, and minimize cost
  • Create policies or procedures for supply chain activities
  • Work with management to prioritize Global Supply Chain business and information needs
  • Utilize enterprise cost approach to continuously improve cost and quality for the global material, service, and product distribution network
  • Interpret supply chain data, such as availability, maintainability, reliability, supply chain management, strategic sourcing or distribution, supplier management, and transportation
  • Maintain cost monitoring and reporting systems and procedures

Minimum Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in finance, supply chain, or a related field
  • College level coursework (3 credits minimum) in MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and SAS

Apply to Sainstore Inc., c/o Adam Wang, 6140 North Hollywood Blvd. Ste 110, Las Vegas, NV 89115.