SainStore Announces Partnership with Shopify

Post on 18/5/2017

SainStore Inc. is honored to announce our partnership with Shopify, an ecommerce platform based in Ottawa, Canada. Shopify is used throughout the globe and its 600,000+ users have opened over one million online stores bringing in a global revenue of over $49.4 billion as end of 2017.

After six years in the ecommerce market we have yet to come across another platform that is as seamless and easy-to-use as Shopify. For this reason, one of our objectives in the near future is to help Shopify expand their presence into the vast ecommerce market of China.

One of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs and small companies have had to face for years is the amount of technical knowledge needed to set up an online store. Web development, graphic design, API integration with existing platforms, and SEO management are some of the things that immediately come to mind.

Fortunately, Shopify handles all of this for you.

By using a “drag and drop” interface, you are able to customize your online store in seconds-- no coding required! You can set up your online store to look exactly the way you want without outsourcing web development to a freelancer or web design firm.

By using Shopify Payments you can instantly accept credit card payments from your online store which are directly tied to website orders. Gone are the late nights of trying to figure out complicated payments systems and order databases. Shopify gets your money in your hands within seconds of an order being placed.

Additionally, Shopify’s POS (point of sale) allows you to integrate your offline store with your website, so all of your orders and payments are in one place.

Shopify also utilizes their own marketplace of third party apps and programs which can add increased functionality and features to your online store, while also increasing the user experience. Shopify even offers you their list of the top 20 most popular (and free!) apps to help you get started, but the possibilities are endless.

Most importantly, if you are still stuck and looking for some extra help, Shopify has a database of experts who are willing to help you with any aspect of your online store. This allows you to focus on the things that you are best at and love the most, like creating valuable content for your customers or tracking down the best products that you want to offer to the world.

In short, we don’t have enough good things to say about Shopify. Actually, we could go on and on, but we think it would be better if you give them a try yourself. You can use the link below to get your first 14 days of Shopify free. If you have any question or concerns, fill out the contact form on the bottom of our website and one of our experienced Shopify specialists will be in touch to help get you started. Happy selling!

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