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A Brand Builder And Aggregator

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Lean managing & orchestrating brands in nine main product categories.
Unlike other heavy-financed aggregators, we cultivate our brands consistently and cherish them as our assets.







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Tech Visionary

E-commerce is a constantly changing landscape shaped by innovations. Technology is at the core of SainStore’s cross-border commerce solutions. We believe the brands of the future will use real-time data, automation, and machine learning to deliver the right product at superior unit economics.

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For customers on Amazon, shopping can be a seamless experience. You place your order (sometimes with 1-click!) and two days later a package arrives on your doorstep. This process is so seamless that some customers don’t even know that third-party sellers list products on Amazon, they think everything is sold by the behemoth online retailer itself!

There has been a shift over the past several years for Chinese cross-border e-commerce distributors to move from eBay towards Amazon—and for good reason! Amazon sales have grown exponentially year over year, based on the little-known fact that third-party sellers (like SainStore) account for a large portion of Amazon’s annual sales.

Quality can be a difficult term to try to define. How does one know when something is of “quality” and when it is not?  Luckily, we can leave this debate up to the armchair philosophers because there is an international authority who determines this for us: The International Organization for Standardization, also known as ISO.

For the second consecutive year, SainStore Inc. was honored to be included on Ingram’s Corporate Report 100, ranking in at number 50.

SainStore Inc. is honored to announce our partnership with Shopify, an ecommerce platform based in Ottawa, Canada. Shopify is used throughout the globe and its 600,000+ users have opened over one million online stores bringing in a global revenue of over $49.4 billion as end of 2017.

SainStore Inc. made its debut on Ingram’s Corporate Report 100 at number 27 for 2017. For the past 31 years, Ingram’s has given this award to companies in the Kansas City & surrounding bi-state area who have shown exceptional levels of growth over the past few years.

As a fast growing E-commerce Inc. 500 company, SainStore still keeps its paces moving forward. Aim at seeking for more opportunities with different marketplaces, we participated in the Catalyst 2016 at the beautiful ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas!

ChannelAdvisor CEO and SainStore CEO pose for a quick photo at SainStore HQ in Dongguan, China

For producers and consumers of electronics alike, the chance to see and showcase the newest items in the industry is an incredible experience, and one we couldn’t miss. Look for Sainsmart this April at the 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair as we showcase some of this year’s hard work with a variety of tools and toys.

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SainStore received a visit from Mr. Chen Deming, President of Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (“ARATS”) and China’s former Minister of Commerce, on March 25 at its China branch in Dongguan City.

We’re pleased to announce that WiMe has chosen us as their strategic partner, seeking to increase brand value and engage more end customers in the global market.

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Accelerate brand growth with a full suite of e-commerce marketing solutions

Great brands are built on happy customers. We drive the scalable growth of our brands across different sales channels, and platforms, with compelling content and powerful storytelling.
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A brand builder and aggregator
(but not a brand trader)

Asset light platform for managing & orchestrating brands from nine product categories. Unlike other heavy-financed brand aggregators, we cultivate our brands consistently and cherish them as our assets.
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& self-perpetuating growth

SainStore’s leadership team has more than a decade of e-commerce business experience. Led by our founder, we achieved 150+ million GMV realized in 2020.
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